We’ve Updated Our Site. We’re Also Going To Write Stories That Help Our Communities.

posted by Unstripped Voice December 14, 2016

A message to our readers


First things first: Here’s a big THANK YOU to all that have followed our facebook & twitter social media networks — and to all of you that have followed us on our website. Every week we reach approximately 3.5 million people with our videos, news updates, and personal stories from people such as yourselves — and it’s only you that makes our platform go!

Over the past few days, we at Unstripped Voice have snooped around to read other websites that we feel aren’t sharing the same values as us (which is to promote racial, social & economic equity). We did this so we can know “what we are up against” when it comes to combating these issues that plague people of color & the disenfranchised.

Our conclusion, and the harsh reality, is that there really aren’t many sites that are completely dedicated to promoting equality.

Instead, what we find are actually sites that promote “hate” and “supremacy” amongst themselves and their followers. It’s funny, because these sites will then say that others are keeping America divided, when in fact they are contributing to it. We’re not going to publicly name the websites here (some of you may have ideas already), but just know that these platforms do exist. It’s really a shame, but not surprising.

To combat this, we decided to “up our game”. We aren’t just going to focus on voices of injustices our contributors write on our platform, but also news updates and community postings that will better our community. And in “community” we mean for people of color & the disenfranchised.

Point blank. Period.

Our new coverage will primarily focus on 4 topics:

  • News: Updates that happen both nationally and locally that will affect our communities. Emphasis: we won’t be like CNN and post every news update out there, but just the ones that promote our core vision, which is to promote social, racial and economic equity.
  • My Voice: Stories from people like yourself, which exposes racial, social, or economic injustices, or words of encouragement, or solutions.
  • Our Community: Tips and/or stories on how to get ahead on all community matters.
  • The Videos: Videos from Unstripped Voice that aim to expose, inform, educate, and provide solutions to our issues.

Now that you got the general idea — just know that we can’t do this alone.

If you have a news tip for us to know about, please send us a tip (or look at the menu section for the link). If you want to write a story in your words, please post a story. Your input is VERY VALUABLE to us, and is instrumental in keeping our platform going.

We aren’t going to “get it right” every time, but do know that we are trying our best and will get you 100% factual information in our stories.

And finally, never forget — if someone calls us a “hate group”, please remember what we stand for — and ignore them. They will never understand, and it’s not their job to. It’s our job to make a difference.

For any additional questions, please email info@unstrippedvoice.com
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