Never Forget: The First Black Woman to run for President (VIDEO)

posted by Unstripped Voice February 22, 2017

We hate to remind you this fact, but Hillary Clinton recently lost out on the chance to become the first woman president in United States history. As it would have been a monumental moment, it would have actually been a continuation on a history of women who tried to get the highest job title in the U.S.

In many respects, Clinton should thank another woman who tried to literally defy all odds and become the first woman president — and a Black one as well — for paving the way for her to run.

Her name is Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to ever run for president back in 1972!

Watch the video above for a quick overview of Chisholm’s presidential attempt, and never forget the unsung heroes while we’re still celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth.

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