VIDEO: That Time Florence Griffith-Joyner Set The 100m Record That Still Stands

posted by Unstripped Voice July 12, 2017


For our quick throwback (and another #BlackGirlMagic moment), we’ll take it back to the time when the late, great Florence Griffith-Joyner (nicknamed Flo-Jo) broke the women’s 100 meter record that STILL stands today.

The record was set during the 2nd heat of the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Her 10.49 run at first brought some controversy — due to it possibly being “wind-aided”.

The speculation would then take a life of its own, with accusations of her doping during the games. If you remember, it was those games where the first gold medal from the men’s 100m were stripped when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson was caught doping inn the finals. People then figured, “Well, if Ben Johnson did it…then Flo-Jo HAD to have done it as well”.

Coincidentally enough, Flo-Jo would retire just a year later to become a mother, focus on her businesses, etc. That would also add fuel of her doping accusations.


Did you know Flo-Jo designed these iconic jerseys?

Sadly, in 1998 Flo-Jo passed away at the age of 38. Having a history of seizures in the past, Griffith-Joyner suffocated during a severe epileptic seizure in her sleep. Believe it or not, the coroner still tested her body for any steroids during the autopsy, which of-course was cleared — but the fact that they did that was some of the most disrespectful things ever done to a person (as also caused her teary-eyed husband to beg the press to “leave her alone”).

In the end, Flo-Jo is a bonafide legend in the track-and-field, as a fashion-icon, and as a motivator. Her legacy will never be forgotten.


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