UNSTRIPPED VOICE has re-launched as a news aggregation platform for people of color

posted by Vic July 31, 2017

We at UNSTRIPPED VOICE have re-launched to become a U.S. news aggregation platform focused on promoting economic, social & racial equity. News aggregation means to post links of various stories from around the web.

Our goal is for our platform to be the first place viewers will go to get their news fix, especially for people of color. We also aim to change the narrative on what we already see concerning diversity & minorities.

For those that have been to our site before, you will notice some major changes. Below is a quick list of all the new changes & updates, some which affect you:

  • Site looks very different (obviously)
  • The “Post an Article” feature will no longer be used. This was a hard decision. However, you can go to another platform like Blavity to post your article.
  • If you have written an article before with us, we did not delete it. You can view it here.
  • For now on (August 1st, 2017), over 95% of articles on our site will link directly to the original article’s site. We will only post original content if it’s of major significance, you any major site news/updates (like this one).
  • Note: All articles prior to our re-launch are still online — which are all original content.
  • Read an article somewhere online and you like us to post it? You can send us a news tip from our homepage, or email us at tips@unstrippedvoice.com

For any additional questions, you can email us at info@unstrippedvoice.com.