You Can Now Publish and Link Articles On Our Site

posted by Unstripped Voice September 5, 2017
You Can Now Publish and Link Articles On Our Site

Over the past few months we have changed our site for the best possible experience. At first, we enabled the tell your story feature, which allowed anyone to post stories (after approval). Then, we took away the tell your story feature and made our site a news aggregate, where links to external stories were posted by the site’s administrators.

For our latest update (and FINAL one for a long time), we combined the best of both worlds. This is what we implemented — effective immediately:


  1. Anyone can now link external news articles, or write their own articles.
  2. If you want to link articles, you provide a title, the external article link, and an optional pic.
  3. If you write your own articles, it works the same way as our previous tell your story feature (we brought it back)
  4. The articles (linked or self-written), will be immediately published.
  5. Our team will monitor posts to make sure they comply with our terms of service (no hate speeches, etc).


That’s it. We’re pretty sure we’re one of the few websites doing this. Sign up to post articles or Log in to get started. Note: If you previously wrote stories on our site, your account information is still active.


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