Thoughts While Standing in the Rubble of the American Dream…

Racism strikes such a low chord on the vibrational frequency. It’s origins lie in such a dark, primal place and attempting to respond to it with words that adequately describe the rage and anguish it summons from the depths of our beings…is impossible. The most articulate response comes from the time and place when there were no words. Just long and low moooanns and groooans…

And forcing one’s self to stand in that place of acceptance births a brutal brilliance that illuminates the undeniable fact that all the horrors that are encapsulated in the word “Racism” are done with an intentional deliberation that is both methodic and creative and ensures that our deaths are long and slow; spanning generations but ever so careful to keep bodies intact and always crouched in servitude while the souls are eviserated.
The starkness of reality from that vantage point renders marches and protests and endless loops of discussion wholly inadequate and futile. The work of reclaiming our Existence must become a (Self)ish endeavor. This work must be as intentional and deliberate as the insidious campaigns of annihilation that have been handed down as though they were treasured family heirlooms by those “most wicked of men.” (Frederick Douglass) We have to identify and acknowledge every symptom in us that is a manifestation of that pathology stemming from the Original Wound of our being transplanted on a land that was foreign and unnatural and evidenced by our chronic and persistent atrophy and the inability to thrive…
Gentle friends, Stop waiting for leaders to rise up and lead this mutiny! Become leaders unto yourselves! Commit to RAILING AGAINST every stronghold that continues to oppress. Commit to Truth. Commit to Love of Self and Healing and Restoration and Reconciliation and the Returning to wholeness…lest we run the risk of becoming that which we hate and guilty of inflicting atrocities onto ourselves and others. Let us commit to NOT becoming the Oppressor ourselves!
Freedom is never given. It must be fought for.

Yours in the Battle for Justice and Freedom,

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Nellie Delgado
4 years ago

I love all the comment is what you feel now and then for good or bad let the your voice and. your comment and say it free

CarrieAnn Braddix
4 years ago

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
“Become leaders unto yourselves.”