About Us

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2016, Unstripped Voice at first strived to enlighten minds by posting historical videos and articles that weren’t taught in school. Within just 3 years, Unstripped Voice gained a large social following (especially on Facebook) with over 500,000 followers and a weekly reach of over 3 million.

Using this reach, in Summer 2017, Unstripped Voice created an online petition (#NoKaepernickNoNFL) which garnered national attention. The following year, Vic Oyedeji, founder of Unstripped Voice, created another online petition that also attracted national attention which affected NFL’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Learning from these 2 national petitions, as well as catching flack from Facebook for our content being “too controversial”, we decided to create a news aggregation (collection) platform focused on our core value: To promote social equity.

Our Goal

Unstripped Voice is not your typical “news” site. Our #1 goal is to post articles & stories from people who are typically overlooked by mainstream media — particularly people of color and “outsiders”.

There are many great stories out there that deserve much more attention. However, one may have to search all over the web to find them.

That’s where we come in! We strive to have all of these stories located in one place so readers can easily find them.

This also gives us a way to support each other more. The more support we have, the bigger these articles and their publishers become. That’s what we’re all about here at Unstripped Voice.

How Often We Post Online

We will post articles every weekday, Monday – Friday. Weekend articles will only get posted if critical breaking news takes place.

Articles Link Directly to the Publisher’s Site

Make no mistake: 99% of posted articles will link directly to the websites of the creators & publishers who write the stories, therefore increasing engagement on their platforms. The only thing we change is the headline.

The other 1% will be original articles & questions from us.

In all, we want to be the first place you go (that’s not social media) to get your articles for the day. These are articles that reflect topics that promote social equity.