About Us

Unstripped Voice was founded in 2016 by Vic Oyedeji. Originally a site for music artists to speak their mind, Unstripped Voice quickly pivoted to become a platform that showcases rare-Black history videos they didn’t teach in schools (pretty drastic change, huh).

Within 3 years, our social reach is over 2-3 million / per week with over 500,000 followers on Facebook alone, while generating over 2.25 million comments on videos and articles we’ve posted during that time.

Unstripped Voice used that reach to help create 2 nationally known petitions: The #NoKaepernickNoNFL petition in 2017 and the Maroon 5/Super Bowl petition in 2018, the latter personally created by our founder Vic.

Our overall goal is to enlighten minds to Black history facts you likely didn’t learn in school. While we acknowledge that every single Black history fact isn’t posted here, we feel our site has just enough information for you to get a good grasp on Black history facts you may have never heard before.

So share this website with your friends…and bookmark our page.