A reporter asked famed activist Angela Davis in 1971 if violence was needed for a revolution

Published on September 25, 2019 by

A reporter once asked famed activist Angela Davis in 1971 if violence was needed for a revolution. Her answer blew him away.

Note: Davis has recently been inducted into the Women’s Hall of Fame

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Jennifer Townsend
2 years ago

I started college in 1969. Angela Davis was very much in the public eye at that time. In this interview she describes society as it was and, sad to say, not much has changed. The names have changed, the players have changed, but the horrendous acts of violence against all marginalized peoples, including people of color, women, and immigrants, continues.

Mr. Jones
2 years ago

Ma’am this is so very true. They started out waging war against the black man then began killing our children, now they are killing and enslaving our black women. This should be enough to enrage the soul of us black men cause the woman is our first desire. There are approximately 64,000 black women missing in America. What the hell got our attention so much to the point that our woman go missing before our very eyes. SPIKE LEE been told us Black people WAKE UP. Our youth need to know the truth how can they provide protect and plan effectively if there being taught lies. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY