Godfrey speaks on why most Americans don’t want Black folks to get reparations

Published on October 9, 2019 by

DJ Vlad (from Vlad TV) sent a tweet out saying the best way reparations can be paid out is via free college tuition.

Comedian Godfrey responds and speaks about why most people don’t want Black folks to get reparations.

He says some REAL TRUTHS here…but can you handle it?

“Nobody wants to live anywhere…unless we’re athletically or sexually satisfying [people], that’s all Black people are good for. We’re supposed to be at people’s beck and call when they want us to entertain them, or make them some kind of money. But if we ask for being autonomously wealthy on our own…all a sudden everyone has a hissy fit”. – Godfrey

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Michael Wayne Parker
2 years ago

I really don’t know why they don’t want us to have it; I only know they don’t. If they were anyone with a Godly heart, they would. But they don’t have one.

2 years ago

Doesn’t matter what they think about reparations. This place is going down just like Egypt did…economy tanked, military defeated in WW3, and their spiritual god, white supremacy, totally defeated.

2 years ago

I might rethink my sexual orientation and marry this guy.