VERY RARE Footage of Black Wall Street, Before The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

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If you haven’t heard of the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, it was an event when on May 31 – June 1, 1921, a white mob attacked residents and businesses of the African-American community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This area was also known as Black Wall Street.

As part of a new documentary from the Smithsonian Channel, a rare, brand-new footage of Black Wall Street was uncovered after not seeing the light of day for more than 50 years! Also part of this footage is the only known color video of the day of the Riots.

Never forget your history…

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Betty Vegas

This was not all that happened to this city in Oklahoma , it was not just the riots of white folks killing and destroying blacks it was also the government dropping bombs on the city destroying the neighborhoods . They had to have mass graves because they had killed between 3000 and 4000 blacks. So if the story is to be told tell all of it. Thank you

Earl Rogers Jr

Thank you Betty, I was also aware of that information. It was the Army Air National Guard Who dropped the bomb On black American citizens.



Gregory Harvey

Our military? Murdered us


You sound SURPRISED?!!!


What! This was hidden all this time?!

Job 12:22!

Cliet Wilburn

Where was this Army Air Force located?

Gregory Harvey

I didn’t know that??? It’s sad too say that we don’t see a large black community like this anymore? White folks suppressed black people for so long; in America through ( Discrimination) (segregation)( teaching inferior education). I wish we could see a better change-

Gregory Harvey

I’d like too see black folks get back on track as a conglomerate-business once again???

Jack oils

Thanks for sharing…!

Rebecca Dewinter

Oh, how awful!


I am so sick of people calling this a “RACE RIOT” instead of what it really was, This was not a RACE RIOT no matter what they try to make you believe. This was a DAM MASSACRE done by HOMEGROWN TERRORIST and that’s the FACTS… No one wants to call it that because then we would have to deal with the situation completely different..


Very well stated.

Gregory Harvey

That is 100% correct..


Thank you Gregory, it’s exactly what it was and continues to be … just a different method. And Amy above seems to think white people were and are being racially profile when they have proven relentlessly and repeatedly to be evil, hateful, despicable, incapable of looming beyond their skin color tho king that it makes them priviledge and entitle to some kind of respect or biting of the tongue. It was White people who started the racial divide and now want us to have a Kumbaya moment and forget. Priviledge to them is STILL being perpetuate by a white good ole boy U.S. Government extending seats for their kind to continue to STEAL seats that they don’t deserve and glossing over their poor treatment of others.


Fact is: white people cant stand seeing blacks prosper. It irks their last nerve. But guess what all my Anglo Saxon friends: black success is inevitable, get over it.


Not all white people are the same. The comment that you made “white people can’t stand seeing blacks prosper” is a comment that has never went through my mind. My mother brought me out to look at people for their character, and for their love of one another. To me there are sorry people of all colors, and if anyone wants to be successful all people need to do is put their mind to it and work for it.


You are correct, he should say racist white people.

Ruth Ferguson


Ruth Ferguson

You are drastically messed up, sir.
We were told to work together for the good of all.
There was to be no status difference in the new kingdom Jesus came to establish. “Go and sell all you own and divided the proceeds among the Prophets and Apostles (or something close to those words.) Didn’t work out very well, so far, for certain. But Jesus’ message was to be ” told far and wide.” By the apostles and their converts.

James Lemos

Actually Jesus only came to teach the Jews. He didn’t want his words taught to gentiles. It was the Apostle Paul who really wasn’t an apostle of Jesus that started teaching Jesus’ teaching to non jews, which caused problems among the other apostles cause Jesus did not wan to teach the gentiles.

Sumner Lark

What is often lost in the story of the area called the ‘Black Wall Street’ is that the area was rebuilt after the Tulsa riots. and thrived for a few years. What killed it permanently was the end of segregation. The businessman thrived because they had a dedicated customer base that had nowhere else to go to buy or rent. When the opportunity to live elsewhere presented itself, they did. Many going to where they could find better jobs. The Auto and Motown era in Detroit was started by the children of those who moved north from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Oklahoma. In modern days we had ‘white flight’ from neighborhoods followed by ‘newly prosperous Blacks’ flight . Those who focused on their education and got better jobs stopped going back to their old neighborhoods to live. They wanted the public status of achievement and that meant , house in the suburbs’ away from ‘bad influences’. Many grew up with only white friends. Didn’t want to hear about the CR movement. Now they follow Colin like a martyr and declare that racism still exists like a revelation. Their dumb butts wanted to believe that it went away.

Gregory Harvey

Well said ! Summer Lark. I notice in today’s economic instances > ( Vietnamese) ( Mexicans) ( white) etc . All of those I just mention are prospering and growing as well, because they spend their money and do business within there { community}.. Unfortunately Black people have gone through much turmoil throughout history; you just don’t see this anymore.

Rob Mac

Hell Yeah, So get Ready for a Rude Awakening! Cause It’s Comming! Lol!

Steven Osburn

It all took place on two adjacent Indian reservations that meet north of downtown Tulsa. Creek Nation and Cherokee Nation.


Its amazing how people say, all you have to do is put your mind to it. You must meam White people must put their mind to it. Did you not see rhe same video I just saw. Where those black people put their minds to it and where SLAUGHTERED for putting their minds to it… There will never be peace for Blacks in America, because there is to much Guilt and Shame by those in Power….


Theresa, concur wholeheartedly!!!! Until the white accepts his savagery and acknowledges he fanned the flames of hate for generations, nothing will change!!! You’re positively, absolutely RIGHT……

Paul Crossgrove

I am not a ‘spammer’.

The white man’s god is the Black man’s oppressor, neither of whom has done anything for you ever.


Ethiopia is in Africa and has always serve the Lord Jesus or Yeshua from the beginning and the only country that the white man didn t touch out of all the counties in Africa. So it’s not the white man God . But when you are unlearned and have not experienced Jesus for your self that’s the thing you come out your mouth you need to be born-again.


Thank you.


Stop lying. Christianity reached Ethiopia in the 4-7 century A.D Ethiopia knew nothing of Christianity or Jesus/Yashua. The beginning of what? You don’t even know the beginning of Ethiopia history. So you can’t say it’s been their since the beginning.

Ruth Ferguson

I learned this on National Geographic or History channels, can’t remember which. This was probably 13 or 14 years ago. There is a large, centuries-old “family” of African people, and no I don’t know what State they live in, in Africa, that practice the nearly identical rituals and customs, read the same scrolls, as the original Jewish people of today who live in Israel. They are also waiting for Jesus to return. AND….. blood testing reveals they all have almost identical blood markings as the Old Jewish tribes that still live in Israel and never left Israel. I would assume this is something that can be researched.

I’m sure Mr. Imposter Netanyahu would have a conniption fit if this evidence was presented to him.


You are only regurgitating nonsense that was indoctrinated into you while calling others “ignorant”..Ethiopia was invaded &also taken over by Europeans <- a misnomer as this is actually western Asia – in ancient times and in recent history.. Do your research on what Sellasie the Throne usurper did.. Christianity is nothing but a perverted male chauvinist murder cult like all other religions.. Indigenous Afrikans never had spirituality / concepts of nature deity concepts that wasn't balanced ma'at male and female.. After all we were here hundreds of thousands of years before any Afrikan enslaving murdering pillaging & raping Religion reared it's ugly head in the motherland.. Nowadays u actually have Afrikans worshipping a white God and Jesus b/c of how brainwashed they were from childhood and u are no different..


There is no white God..The true essence of God is peace, love and forgiveness. People have manipulated Something good and twisted it over the centuries while doing cruel things and proclaimg God all the same.

Steven Osburn - Cherokee - Delaware

The Tulsa Race Massacre and the Osage Indian Murders

It was inside the Cherokee Nation. North of Admiral Blvd. in Tulsa is Cherokee Reservation to Denver Avenue on the West. South of Admiral Blvd. is the Creek Nation Reservation. The white men who were downtown were on the Creek Reservation and when they went over to the Greenwood District where Archer and Greenwood intersect they had unknowingly crossed the boundary and entered Cherokee Nation Reservation.

The Supreme Court recently said both Creek Nation Reservation and the Cherokee Reservation still exist and were never disestablished by the Dawes Act and allotment like the State of Oklahoma believed. This means the Tulsa Race Massacre or Race Riot was actually The Cherokee Nation Massacre and it occurred inside the Cherokee and Creek Reservations. Tulsa is originally a Creek settlement.

Just west of Denver is Osage Drive, the boundary of the Osage Reservation (Osage County). Some of the wealthiest African Americans in America who resided in the Greenwood District of Tulsa lived adjacent to the Osage Reservation and its tribal members who were the wealthiest people in the world at that time due to oil being discovered on their land west of the 98th Meridian.

The Osage retained their mineral rights unlike many other Indian tribes and their wealth attracted non-Indians who wanted to become their legal guardians and handle their finances. This resulted in several Osage tribal members being murdered.

The Osage Indian murders were a series of murders of Osage people in Osage County, Oklahoma during the 1910s–1930s; newspapers described the increasing number of unsolved murders as the “Reign of Terror,” lasting from 1921-1926. As a result, J. Edgar Hoover appointed the FBI to investigate and the Osage Indian Murders became the bureau’s first case.

The case which could return Eastern Oklahoma to Indian reservation status is Murphy vs. Carpenter and you can see it on YouTube here:


Looks like they found the mass grave of residence of Black Wall Street


I’m a white person from England, I’m utterly & downright ashamed to think that white people consider themselves of a higher intellectual mindset, when only a Neanderthal mindset would out rightly kill on colour of skin. I have a bi racial son myself & I have experienced some of the racism he has had to go through. Why isn’t this a Hollywood block buster with all proceeds going to the offspring of those involved. Pure utter evil, I hope God deals with these scumbags accordingly!!! Words cannot utter what an atrocitie this truly was!!!!


I appreciate learning about history, and this was a tragic event about which I knew nothing. It is discouraging, however, to read so many racist comments on this page. “Whites are jealous.” “Whites can’t stand seeing black people prosper.” “They are evil because they lack melanin.” “They lack creativity [because they lack melanin.” “No race can rival whites in evil acts towards humanity, animals, and the planet.” “It is in their nature to do evil, savage things.” “They have no spirituality; no natural sense of humanity.” “Why are white people so EVIL? It’s in their DNA.” “It’s in their nature cells chromosomes mindset and gutless soul if they have one.” “Whites are jealous we are God’s chosen people.” “Fact is: white people cant stand seeing blacks prosper.” “They’re not human.” I must ask: How will we ever make progress as a society if we allow these kinds of opinions – and similar opinions about people of color – to divide us? It’s easy to get discouraged when we see the white power structure so prominently on display in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere these days, but we can rise above this kind of racism. We can do better than this kind of hatred based on the color of one’s skin. We HAVE to do better than this.


Amen, Amy! It’s wrong to create labels and stereotypes based on race.

James Pratt

Really! Certain people on here are arrogant enough to feel that they have the right!!! To voice sympathy for the inhumane hands that caused not only the thousands of deaths here that we are speaking of but throughout the middle passage and beyond. There is a name for men and women like that but we will walk pass that at this moment cause we don’t have time for small talk, I will say this “if you love to forgive a man who don’t love you,then You go right on ahead” but do not ask for anyone else to who wants better for themselves to follow and continue to suffer another minute. You have seen What’s been going on for the pass 500 hundred years but you still want more. What is wrong with you. And anyone who’s thinking like you. If you continue to lay with a dog you will certainly wake up with his fleas.


Of the statements you have pointed out “No race can rival whites in evil acts towards humanity, animals, and the planet.” Is not an opinion. But fact. Simply look at what they’ve calmed they’ve discovered or the places they say they’re trying to make for civilized. Generally these are place they have murdered, robbed and looted. There’s no gold mines in the UK. Then how did they get so much of it?

Amy Zupancic

I find it fascinating that a website that promotes itself as “Promoting economic, social & racial equity in the U.S.” would delete the comment I posted earlier today calling attention to the vitriolic hatred towards white people expressed by so many of the posts here. I summarized the hateful posts, listing the specific things said, including: “They [white people] are not human.” “White people are evil because they lack melanin.” “No race can rival whites in evil acts.” “White people lack creativity because they have no melanin.” “It is in their nature to do evil, savage things.” “White people are evil. It’s in their DNA.” “It’s in their [white people’s] nature cells chromosomes mindset and gutless soul if they have one.” Etc. I posted and encouraged us to rise above this kind of hatred based on skin color, and I don’t understand why my post was deleted. It’s my guess that this post will be deleted as well. If the administrators of this site would like to email me (my email is provided when I post) and tell me why my asking these questions about the comments and the hatred expressed therein is inappropriate, I’d be very grateful. Respectfully, A.P.Z.

Kathryn Lewandowsky

I’m a white person and although some of those comments are probably not factual, it’s hard to disagree that white people have been and continue to be a very violent race. Whether that is d/t their DNA, I cannot say.

A. W. Mayo

You are showing yourself to be a part of the solution sista. Color should never be the reason for an action or the lack thereof. Thank you for being a human first.

Gregory Harvey

Probably because it is partially true, think about it.

Amy Zupancic

Which part, Gregory? That white people aren’t human? That it is in white people’s DNA to be evil? Which part of that racist garbage is “partially true?” Again, how do we get past the color of people’s skin to work together to make things better? It’s pathetic to me that we are almost 55 years after MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, and we are STILL judging people’s character by the color of their skin, whether that skin is black, white, some combination thereof.

Karen Medlock

Yet it’s not POC who are salivating over a ‘race war’ is it? It wasn’t black people who destroyed a thriving black community, was it? Yet here you are whining about how people express the anguish of centuries of oppression committed by white people?! WTF do you expect?! SERIOUSLY?! I have ZERO sympathy for you. I’ll save it for the victims of racist aggression, like those poor immigrants locked up in cages.