View Live Stream of Colin Kaepernick’s Atlanta Workout

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Since Kaepernick and the NFL fell-out on their original 3pm EST workout, Kaep and his team decided to move the workout to a new Atlanta location.

Check out the workout above, which was filmed live on Sat, Nov 16 at 4pm EST in Atlanta.


The workout received praise from an NFL executive…


Here’s Kaepernick arriving with a KUNTA KINTE shirt…

Kaepernick Kunta


Here’s Kaepernick’s agent’s decision on why the original workout venue changed…

kaep letter update


…and here’s the NFL’s response:

NFL Kaepernick response

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  • Regina Freeman 4 weeks ago

    Quite a few teams that could benefit from his talent!

  • j Williams 4 weeks ago

    He’s in great condition. He should be hired immediately !!

  • Steven 4 weeks ago

    What God has for you he has for you Colin. Whatever that is, we wish you the best.

  • A 4 weeks ago

    Pittsburgh. Please come to Pittsburgh!

  • Alexis Thomas 4 weeks ago

    Soon and very soon, you will play again, may God continue to bless you and may He change the hearts of men. You deserve a chance!!!!!

  • Dwight 4 weeks ago

    I think the Rooney family is a bit too conservative.

  • WALTER MORGAN 4 weeks ago

    Give Colin Kaepernick the fair opportunity to earn a living, practice his craft, and take care of his family. Colin Kaepernick is a true American patriot and a human being, who epitomizes the best of humanity. As a black male and NFL veteran, Hue Jackson, should have stayed and gone to other venue. He of all people should know what is at stake. A Black Man would have stayed and supported Colin Kaepernick. A lot of teams could use a talent and a leader like Colin Kaepernick. Peace and blessings!!

  • Skyrish 4 weeks ago

    The man is a hero.

  • Donald Sanders 4 weeks ago

    The Pittsburgh Steelers can definitely use you and I hope they give you a look and give you an opportunity to help out this squad be able to make it to the playoffs and if you can do that if they give you the opportunity not only will it signify that you still have game but it will also get you back in the league with the potential championship team and winners thank you Kap for all you done and I pray that they give you the opportunity to prove yourself back into the league good luck my brother and God bless.

    • Dwight 4 weeks ago

      I don’t think the Rooney family is a bit too conservative.

  • Patrick F Buckley Smith 4 weeks ago

    Kaepernick is looking like he wants to go an play tomorrow — looked like he can still throw and he most certainly deserves a shot with some team.

  • Edward C. Stengel 4 weeks ago

    I know the perfect spot for Kaep – the Atlanta Falcons. They were in the Super Bowl just 3 years ago, and he can get them in it next year. He can use the rest of this year for getting ready for next year.

  • Faith 4 weeks ago

    God’s got you, no matter how hard they try, they won’t break you.. We’ll see you soon, in the NFL.

  • Gelenda Love 4 weeks ago

    Get it Kaep! God got you! Prayings up

  • LAURA MONTES 4 weeks ago

    He looks good, probably plays better than a few other Qbs out there.

  • Emma 4 weeks ago

    Go get it K!

  • Willam Noel 4 weeks ago

    Colin still has it going on !
    Praying for him ,

  • Mark 4 weeks ago

    Give a man a chance to play football he still got game

  • Ron 4 weeks ago

    We love Kaepernick. This publicity stunt by the NFL will backfire.

  • Rosetta watson 4 weeks ago

    He’s looking real good


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