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MLK Final Sunday Service

The Final Sunday Sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Full Message)

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207 Draft Lottery Vietnam 1967

The 1969 Draft Lottery (Vietnam War)

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Nuri Muhammad Financial Coonery

Why you should say NO to ‘Financial Coonery’, by Brother Nuri Muhammad

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Jesse Jackson's 1984 Campaign

The time Jesse Jackson ran for President back in 1984

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Kaepernick Kunta

View Live Stream of Colin Kaepernick’s Atlanta Workout

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MLK hearts and minds

Does a change in Civil Rights laws change people’s hearts and minds? – MLK (1967)

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Sister Souljah a different world 1992

Was this the moment NBC decided to cancel “A Different World”? (1992)

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Jimmy Webb Selma 1965

An INTENSE convo between young black activist Jimmy Webb & a police officer in Selma, 1965

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MLK pick yourself from your own bootstraps

Someone told Dr. King to “Pick yourself by your own bootstraps”. This is how he responded. (1967)

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The day COINTELPRO was revealed (1973)

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How long not long MLK

“‘The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice…” – Dr. King

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The Other America MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – The Other America (1967)

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Why We Kneel

This is why we kneel — spoken by THE PEOPLE

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Jane Elliott trump elected

This is the REAL reason Trump got elected – according to Jane Elliott

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Kirsten Gilbrand white priviledge

Kirsten Gillibrand talking about her white privilege

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The real truth behind Dr. Martin Luther King’s murder

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Toni Morrisons quote

Toni Morrison was asked why she doesn’t write about White people in her books

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First Black Wall Street durham nc

Durham, NC – The First Black Wall Street

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Detroit 1967 riot origin

Inside story on how the 1967 Detroit Riots started

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Taraji Henson mental health speech

Taraji P. Henson’s Mental Health speech (2019)

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Street Lawyer justice

Street Lawyer Justice (Must Watch)

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Donald Trump Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey responds to being called an Uncle Tom, Coon, and a Sellout

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Andre too real

Andre Iguodala on the hidden “racial tension” in the NBA

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Selling of the Negro 1954

The Secret of Selling the Negro (1954) – Crazy to watch

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Scared Straight 1978

The original “Scared Straight” (1978)

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Roe v Wade 1972

Roe v. Wade debate (back in 1972)

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Robert Smalls story

Rare Black History: Robert Smalls

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Bloody Summer of 1919

Bloody Summer of 1919 (Will Brown Riot)

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Rare Black inventions

Rare Black inventions America didn’t teach you

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John Witherspoon Friday 1994

Behind the Scenes of ‘Friday’ With John Witherspoon (1994)

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Black family rosedale queens 19

RARE: Black family moving to Rosedale, Queens (1976)

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Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson speaks his mind (1960)

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Oprah Dec 1986

Oprah’s very telling 1986 interview

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Nipsey Hussle fatherhood

Nipsey Hussle on fatherhood (RIP)

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NFL Plantation capitalism

NFL Capitalism Explained

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Nessa confonts Janelle Evans

Throwback: Nessa calls out ‘Teen Mom’ star about Kaepernick

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Muhammad Ali refuses draft 1967

The day Muhammad Ali refused the draft, 1967

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Mexican Living Conditions

Mexican-American living conditions (1968) – RARE

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Mau Mau Society Harlem 1967

Mau Mau Society in Harlem, 1967

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LeBron Kevin Durant keep it real

LeBron and Kevin Durant keep it REAL

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Racial Covenants

“Racial Covenants” that secretly banned Black people from moving into new neighboods

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Jane Elliott racial harmony

Jane Elliott preaches “racial harmony”

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e Elliott experiment 1985

The Jane Elliott experiment everyone should learn (1970)

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Jackie Robinson Final Appearance

Jackie Robinson had this one final request in his final public appearance

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J Edgar Hoover ending movement

How J. Edgar Hoover ended so many Black-led movements

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Fred Hampton story

The Fred Hampton Story

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Huey Newton 1988

Huey Newton reflects on the Black Panther Party, 1988

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Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

How the MFDP (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party) changed national politics, 1964

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