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Fred Hampton story

The Fred Hampton Story

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Huey Newton 1988

Huey Newton reflects on the Black Panther Party, 1988

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Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

How the MFDP (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party) changed national politics, 1964

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Freedom Schools started

How Freedom Schools were created (1959)

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Emmett Till Photo published

How Emmett Till’s infamous photo got published

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Hattie McDaniel 1st oscar winner

Hattie McDaniel – The first Black Oscar winner

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Harriet Tubman's story explained kid

Harriet Tubman’s story explained by a kid

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Black man invented video games

Did you know: A Black man invented the video game cartridge

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My Best Friend is a Black Man

“My best friend is a black man”

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Marcus Garvey FBI

How the FBI got its first Black agent, used to derail Marcus Garvey

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Farrakhan National media 1985

A caller once asked why Min. Louis Farrakhan was on national media (1985)

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Elijah Muhammad economic principles

The Economic Initiative of Elijah Muhammad

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MLKs Speeches

A definitive collection of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches

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Ali and MLK 1967

When 2 greats, Muhammad Ali and Dr. King, came together despite their differences (1967)

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Country music African roots

Proof that Country music has African roots

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Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys

Countering The Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys (1987) – Jawanza Kunjufu

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The CIA Influenced Media

Operation Mockingbird – When the CIA influenced mainstream media

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Carter G Woodson

A profile on Carter G. Woodson, father of Black History Month

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Blackface history

The History of Blackface

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Black Panther Party reeducation 1977

RARE: Black Panther Party re-educating kids (1977)

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Jawanza Kunjufu said back in 1988

This was said back in 1988 (Must Listen)

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Confederate Man Black Oprah

The time a Black man saves a Confederate Flag couple (RARE – 1997)

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Nearest Green Jack Daniels Whiskey

Rare story of the former slave who created the Jack Daniel’s whiskey

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black jockeys kentucky derby

Black Jockeys literally created the Kentucky Derby

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Golf Tee Black Invention

Black people invented the Golf Tee (plus more inventions they didn’t teach you)

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Black Hunger alabama 1968 b

Black hunger in Alabama, 1968

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Black owned Banks post Great Depression

The depletion of Black-owned Banks post-Great Depression

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Andrew Johnson worst US president

Why Andrew Johnson could be the worst president America ever had

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1968 was WILD

American life was WILD in 1968

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Muhammad Ali 1975 Harvard speech

Here’s Muhammad Ali’s legendary 1975 speech

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Muhammad Ali 96 Olympics story

How Muhammad Ali ended up lighting the torch during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics

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Jane Elliott a class divided 1985

Watch Jane Elliott’s classic – A Class Divided (1985)

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Labor camp Belle Glade FL 1960

Crazy story about a labor camp in Belle Glade, FL 1960

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Columbia TN race riot 1946

The 1946 Columbia, TN Race Riot

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Racial Wealth Gap

A major reason why the Racial Wealth Gap exists in America today

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NBA players boycotted 1964

NBA players nearly boycotted the 1964 All-Star game

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Roseanne National Anthem

Roseanne’s National Anthem (1990)

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Rosa Parks boycott in color

The Rosa Parks Bus Boycott in Color (1955-56)

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ROC Classic scene

Check out this very classic scene from the ROC (1994)

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Orangeburg Massacure 1968

Rare story of the 1968 Orangeburg Massacre

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Ali's speech right after Vietnam refusal

Muhammad Ali’s 1967 speech after refusal to enter the draft

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Kaepernick Explains why took a knee

Colin Kaepernick explains why he took a knee during the National Anthem (2016)

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Black and part of 1 percent

I’m Black and a Member of the 1%

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Freedom Rides

The 1961 Freedom Rides in Color (RARE)

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Black own land Reconstruction

Black people really once had their own land, government, and military (Rare Story)

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Clarence Thomas story

Clarence Thomas: The story of a Conservative Supreme Court Justice

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Charlotte Hawkins Brown

Charlotte Hawkins Brown should NEVER be forgotten

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Maynard Jackson ATL

How Atlanta’s first Black Mayor gave Government contracts to Black-owned businesses

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