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Superpredator Crime Bill 1994

How the 1994 Crime Bill happened (Superpredator Scare)

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Mickey Leland

A quick bio on Houston’s Mickey Leland

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Malcolm X what it your name

Here’s a rare and classic speech from Malcolm X (March 1963)

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Civil Rights Ferry

The rare story about a missing ferry and Dr. King’s impact

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Emmett Till death

A quick 5-minute recap of Emmett Till’s 1955 murder

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Electoral College Slavery

The Electoral College was a compromise, and that compromise was slavery

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Make America Great Again origin

How Donald Trump came up with the slogan “Make America Great Again”

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Curt Flood

Free-agency started because of Curt Flood. Here’s how he did it.

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Charlotte Busing

The 1971 Charlotte Busing Incident and its aftermath

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Slick Boys

The Slick Boys: 3 Chicago Cops back in the 1990s who also rapped

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Republican then

The moment most Black people went from Republicans to Democrats

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Swat Team Black Panther Party

The SWAT Team was born strictly because of the Black Panther Party

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Angela Davis Murder Trial

The Angela Davis case (early 1970’s)

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Racial Wealth Gap

The real legacy of racial inequality is measured in this one simple stat

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#Redlining: The U.S. Government created the ghettos and the hood (Unreal!)

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The Eugenics Movement, the basis of White Supremacy

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Race Traits and Tendencies of the American Negro

Race Traits and Tendencies of the American Negro, which said “Black people were going to be extinct”

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Angela Davis debates 1984

Angela Davis debates with Pat Buchanan and Tom Braden in 1984 (Tense debate)

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Native American removal

Native American removal by the U.S. Government in the 1800s (and how it was “justified”)

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Thomas Jefferson owned slaves

Thomas Jefferson OWNED slaves…while writing “All men are created equal”

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Unfair Housing Practices

Unfair housing practices lead to unfair housing prices (and the effect it still has)

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How White Flight Started

How White Flight really started

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Jane Elliott The Angry Eye

Watch: Jane Elliott’s “The Angry Eye” lesson on racism (2001)

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Poor Peoples Campaign

The FINAL campaign Dr. King started before he was killed

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Black first Uber

Black people made the first “Uber”…way back in 1955

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Rosa Parks Boycott full story

The 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott: The FULL Story (Birth of the Civil Rights Movement)

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Little Rock 9 afterwards

So what happened the year after Little Rock 9 integrated (1957-58)

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Teachers Strike Ocean Hill Brownsville

The Infamous Ocean Hill-Brownsville, NY Teachers’ Strike (1968)

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Diane Nash Tennessee

The “Soul-Searching Question” Diane Nash asked the Mayor of Memphis to end desegregation (1960)

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Dar He Mose Wright

We know about Emmett Till, but never forget Mose Wright, the man who called out his killers

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Dr King Chicago March

One of Dr. Martin Luther King’s SCARIEST Marches (Chicago, 1966)

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MLK Chicago

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr once tried to help fix Chicago’s housing issues

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Malcolm X Final Moments

The final moments of Malcolm X, Feb 1965.

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Malcolm X Oxford

Malcolm X’s legendary quote at Oxford, 1964

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Little Rock Nine

The Moment the Little Rock 9 Integrated (Crazy Footage)

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James Meredith Story

How James Meredith became the first Black man to attend Ole Miss (MUST WATCH)

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Selma March

How the 1965 Selma march went from Local to gaining National Attention

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Freedom Riders

The 1960-1961 Freedom Riders (full story)

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Bus Boycott Effective

How the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott became EXTREMELY effective

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Autherine Lucy W/Thurgood Marshall

Autherine Lucy, the first Black woman to attend University of Alabama in 1956

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Arthur McDuffie tria

Police Brutality in Miami: The Infamous Arthur McDuffie Trial in Miami (1980)

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City Riot due to desegregation

This is how easy a White riot could start in the 1960s (Ruby Bridges)

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JFK Dr King 1960

How John F. Kennedy became president strictly because of the Black vote (1960)

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Fannie Lou Hamer

How the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party started (includes Fannie Lou Hamer’s famous speech)

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Civil Rights media 1960s

How Civil Rights Leaders used media to demonstrate injustice in the 1960s

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Letter from Birhmingham Jail

How Dr. King got to write his famous Letter From Birmingham Jail

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Jackie Robinson criticizes Muhammad Ali

Jackie Robinson once criticized Muhammad Ali for skipping the Vietnam War

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Howard University takeover

How a student-led takeover at Howard University helped created courses in African-American studies

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