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Black Panther Party got started

How the Black Panther Party really got started in Oakland (Must See)

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Harold Washington mayor

This is how the first Black Chicago mayor, Harold Washington, got elected

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Freedom Summer

This is how Freedom Summer got started (Mississippi, 1964)

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Carl Stokes First Black Mayor

This is how the First Black Mayor in a Major City got elected

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White Citizens Council

The White Citizens Council’s mission (aka the ‘knockoff-KKK’)

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Boston Busing Crisis

The crazy story of the 1974 – 1975 Boston Busing Crisis

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FBI Informant Fred Hampton

How much did an FBI informant get paid for “valuable” info to get Fred Hampton?

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Attica Prison Incident

HARD TO WATCH: The Attica State Prison incident (1971)

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Freedom Rides Beaten

This man was severely beaten during the Freedom Rides, 1960

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Whites who died during civil rights

Sympathetic whites who died during the Civil Rights Movement

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Two Societies Report

The Infamous 1968 “Two Societies Report” that Lyndon Johnson didn’t present to congress

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Lyndon B Johnson civil rights bill passed

Here’s how Lyndon B. Johnson got the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed through the Senate

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Black man white man same father

This Black man & White man share the same grandfather

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Peoples Grocery 1892

Ida B. Wells really knew why lynchings started, based on the 1892 People’s Grocery Massacre

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How COINTELPRO got discovered

Here’s the story on how COINTELPRO got discovered (1971)

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Nikki Giovanni Muhammad Ali

Nikki Giovanni interviews Muhammad Ali in a Black-produced program back in 1971

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Calvin got a job

Who remembers those “Calvin got a job” commercials back in the 1990s?

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Rosewood Story

The 1923 Rosewood story…in their own words

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Resurrection City

The story about Resurrection City, which took place right after Dr. King’s assassination (1968)

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Civil Rights Movement Changed

This is the moment the Civil Rights Movement changed – 1966

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Freedmens Bank tragedy

The Freedman’s Bank: The story one of the worst robberies in American history

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Original Black Panther party

The RARE story on how the Original Black Panther Party started

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Moses West water from air

This man created a machine that pulls clean water from the air

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National Anthem explained

In case you forgot: Here’s the TRUTH behind the National Anthem

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shop Amere J May

They should’ve never put this man on TV (He kept it too real)

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Black inventions toilet

Why Black inventions weren’t patented

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Black farmers

What the hell happened to all the Black Farmers? (Must Watch)

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Godfrey reparations

Godfrey speaks on why most Americans don’t want Black folks to get reparations

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Priscialla Presley

Priscilla Presley interviews Barbara Walters, 1985

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Fred Hampton police lied

This is how Fred Hampton’s assassination got solved

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Killer Mike Revolt Summit

Killer Mike lays the HAMMER at the REVOLT Summit

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Unequal opportunity race


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Ali Correct White Woman

That time Muhammad Ali corrected this woman for being an outspoken Black man (CLASSIC)

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The Black 14

Never forget about “The Black 14”, college players who were banned for taking a stance

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Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt nearly married into the family that owned MGM Studios and Paramount

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Classroom Call-Response 1968

Check this incredible 1968 call-and-response session with Black children

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Little Girl Cries Police Brutality

The time a little girl stood on a podium and cried about Police Brutality

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Jane Elliot racism

We’re just gonna leave this right here…

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Oprah Forsyth county 1987

The time Oprah went to Forsyth County, where no Black person had stepped foot in 75 years

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Surya Bonaly

She was the Serena Williams of figure skating…and they never gave her credit…

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Martin on Arsenio 1993

RARE: The REALEST interview Martin Lawrence ever gave (back in 1993)

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Slaves talk about slavery

RARE Footage: Ex-Slaves talk about slavery in America

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Angela Davis revolution

A reporter asked famed activist Angela Davis in 1971 if violence was needed for a revolution

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Dave Chappelle Black men

Dave Chappelle & Hollywood emasculating Black men (2006)

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02 Farrakhan hostle crowd

Min. Louis Farrakhan handles a hostile crowd (1990)

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Slavery Ended 1865

Here’s proof that slavery never ended in 1865

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VERY RARE Footage of Black Wall Street, Before The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

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