America Is More Non-Diverse & Racist Than You Think

posted by Vic November 9, 2016

Still wondering how the hell Donald J. Trump won the election?

So am I — and judging by these charts below, the United States of America as we know it may be more non-diverse & racist than you think.

Take a look at the first chart below:


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This shows the number of cities for its population size. As of 2015, there are 19,505 cities/towns in the US.
16,470 (or 84.4%) of these cities have a population of under 10,000 people. Eight-four percent! Most of these small cities (aka Rural cities) are NOT diverse. This was Trump’s “target audience” — the White, blue-collar workers who feel they were the “silent majority”.
You think your city/area is diverse? You don’t represent true America. Take a look at the 2nd chart below:

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This chart represents parties represented by counties. The red are Republican counties and the blue are Democratic counties.

As you can see, there’s a whole-lotta red on there.

And if you look at a particular state — let’s say Georgia, which Trump won 51.3 to Clinton’s 45.6%, you can see ONLY ALL OF THE MAJOR CITIES ARE BLUE. That’s it.


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You think that was something out of the ordinary? Well let’s look at Republican mainstay Texas:


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Texas has been a Republican state since 1980. Yet for all it’s red, almost all the major cities are blue.

How about a blue state, like New York.


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Since it’s a blue state, surely there were more counties in blue, right?


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As you can see once again, all of the major cities are blue. The majority, once again, are red. Even in a blue state.

In all, almost all 50 states were that way. Here’s the link to prove it yourself.

Race and Ethnicity

Now here’s a race and ethnicity breakdown in the US, as shown in 2010:


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The chart shows that 63.7% of people in America ARE WHITE. Only 12.2% are Black & 16.3% are Latino — overall just 36.3% of people represent People of Color in America.

That’s it.

Now if you look at our last chart, in terms of the 2016 election results:


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This chart shows 71% of the election voters were White, as compared to just 29% People of Color who voted. The majority of these white voters (the 71%) voted for Trump. The HIGH majority of People of Color (the 29%) voted for Hillary Clinton.

So what does this all mean?

In America, People of Color are in a huge disadvantage.

You may think there isn’t much racism or segregation in your area since it’s diverse (assuming you live in a moderate-to-big city). That’s because your city is more progressive, which is what we see more in the media.

But the harsh reality is that you don’t live in REAL AMERICA, where the majority of cities’ ethnicities are White and Republican.

So how did Barack Obama (a Democrat) win the last 2 elections?

That’s simply because more red counties in rural cities voted blue. That’s all.


Remember, the Electoral College determines the president, not the popular vote (which Hillary Clinton won by the way).  Also remember that People of Color live in blue, mid-to-major cities. More people voting in a major city that was already blue wouldn’t have made much of a difference. It was the rural cities that would have made the difference.

That’s the reality.

How is this racist?

Throughout the election, Donald Trump appealed to the inner-fears of Rural White America by saying “Mexicans are rapists & taking our jobs; Muslims need to go, etc…”.  The general thinking (especially from us in major cities) is that “this shit is racist” — but as we saw from the very first chart, we in major cities don’t think like REAL America thinks.

Real America (also known as Rural America) doesn’t care about that. I’m sure most in rural cities never related to racial problems at all since there isn’t any racial diversity out there (“you only know what you can experience“). Trump appealed to those people, their inner-most fears, and they ate it up. They voted for him in record numbers.

Trump knew that and, against what major-city people (and media) thought, knew deep down they would come through for him –and now we’re all shocked.

Except for Real America.