The time Prince Edward County in Virginia closed its schools because they refused to integrate

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Bet they didn’t teach you this in schools.

After the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education ruling (which ruled school segregation unconstitutional) many schools refused to actually integrate. The reason this law was passed was not the segregation itself, but that the resources went to all White schools and neglected the Black ones — leaving Black children left behind.

Integration had to happen…and slowly it did…

In 1957, The Little Rock Nine integrated in Arkansas. The situation received national attention. Schools across the nation saw what was going to happen, so rather than adjusting to the inevitable, counties began taking matters into own hands.

Finally in 1959, after the Supreme Court ordered all schools must segregate, Prince Edward County in Virginia became the first county in the U.S. to close all its schools for good as a method of protest.

As a result, White children went to publicly aided private schools while Black children went to free schools staffed by volunteers.

This would happen for 5 years until the Supreme Court again ordered all schools opened to all. However, 90% of whites stayed in private schools.

This clip shows a whites-only prom off-campus in a private club.

Check this clip. Via reelblack/youtube.


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