How to remove those virus-like popups that say ‘’ on them

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It’s come to our attention that some of you have “viruses” on your computer after visiting our website. Here’s an example of this (from an actual computer):

Before March 12, 2020, when you visit our site you would see a small white popup at the top that says “Unstripped Voice wants to send you notifications: Allow, Block.”

If you click “Allow” you would get these “virus” in your browser.

Please note they will not affect your computer…they are actually “extensions” that can easily be deleted from your browser.

First, we apologize for this inconvenience.

Second, here’s how to get it out (kudos to this site for the lookout)…

Click your internet browser where your “viruses” are coming from:

If you have Internet Explorer:



If you have Google Chrome:



If you have Mozilla Firefox:


If you have Microsoft Edge (Old Version):



If you have Microsoft Edge (New Version):



If you have Safari:


If any issues persist, scan using an anti-malware program. (You shouldn’t have to, however. The solution above should be good enough.





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