White Privilege

The topic of White privilege has me reflecting on my past because of its prevalence in the present
And I fear for our children’s future…

I was a white kid reaping the benefits
Of a white South Africa
I don’t mean to make a division,
Apartheid was the standard provision
Beautiful homes to feel safe in
Neighborhoods to blend in
Schools flowing with white education
White beaches only; no sign of segregation…
Out of sight out of mind- complete disassociation

Conformed to my reality,
which I unconsciously
lapped up what was served to me
(By a nurturing black woman ironically)
A silver spoon heaped with white privilege
fed to me with no wonder of pillage
No care in the world for spillage
Because my needs were nourished.

As a white kid I could thrive!
who knew what it meant to barely survive?
To be judged by the color of my outer layer?
Or to learn the hard way and become a player ?
To think that I understand is offensive
To a kid who lived every day on the defensive
Left for months by their mothers
Who cleaned up after me and the likes of others.
So indoctrinated by the system
I was a pawn moving through a prism
Of deliberate oppression
By a government who hid their undesired
So well that I simply never inquired.

Ashamed now of the actuality
That my eyes were closed to reality
My mind washed by popularity
My ears deaf to the inequality
I grew up in a deliberately quarantined society.
Now I live in the United States of America
“the land of the free” so long as you profit economically
The history is the same just different geography.
Who speaks for the destitute?
Who speaks for the oppressed?
Yes, a black kid can dream, fight hard and achieve
“The home of the brave” is their legacy
Because they take pains to be free
despite poverty, brutality
And Lack of opportunity
Not to mention our current presidency!
And his stance on juvenile judiciary

My question is When will the human race become sane?
And treat kids of all color the same
No one to blame no hate no shame
Just begin again
We need change
Eradicating man made Poverty
Is not clemency it is a necessity
A human right to be free
To live a life with dignity
With Equal starts
Creating a society of equal hearts
Contributing to humanity in equal parts

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