Black Jockeys literally created the Kentucky Derby

Published on November 2, 2019 by

Hidden History: Black Jockeys literally created the Kentucky Derby.

13 of the 15 jockeys in the first Derby were Black. 15 of the first 28 Derbys were won by Black Jockeys.

Then Jim Crow kicked in…

If you want further insight, check our book recommendations:


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Miguel Martínez
2 years ago

It’s unfortunate that you leave out Angel Cordero Jr. My cousin and 3 time Kentucky Derby Winner. He still holds all of the win records in all of NY Horse Racing.

When I enquired I was told that he wasn’t considered black because he’s from Puerto Rico. Does that exclude us (US citizens).

He was not allowed to race early in his prime because of the color of his skin. He had to endure physical fights daily in attempts to keep him from mounting. His legacy should be recognized.

Miguel A. Martínez

Zachary Kelley
2 years ago

Youre right my brother, many people need to be educated to the strife we people of color have had to go thru to be accepted in AMERICA.

Miguel Martínez
1 year ago
Reply to  Zachary Kelley

Thank you

2 years ago

I AGREE. (African American born in the Bronx, exposed to Puerto Rican, Cuban and other Latino and Caribbean cultures at an early age. ALWAYS recognized the African Diaspora).

Miguel Martínez
1 year ago

You know it my brother. That’s how Harlem & the Boogie Down always got down ✊

11 months ago

ALL…Brown Folks…AIN’T Kin Folks…People Lic Ricky Ricardo, WAS Ah WHYTE
Cuban, And Adapted WELL…Throughout His Career. The Article Pertained To
NEGRO Jockeys…As Far As The So Called Puerto Rican’s, MANY Derive From Spanish Ancestry. The NEGROS Ricans Are An After Thought We Always Have To Share The Spot Light…W/ Other NATIONS
That Usually Wouldn’t Recognize US…!!!

Kenneth Curl
2 years ago

Know your history!

Preston Clark
2 years ago

I am soooo PROUD of my FATHERS who went before and distinguished themselves. Thank you for your STRENGTH AND INTEGRITY.

Trevino Clark
2 years ago

you got one of the greatest black Quarter horse jockey name Trevino Clark who rode & own world Champion Qh horse Mr Jess Perry

LaRita Shelby
2 years ago

Who produced this? This is great! Has it been in festivals?

John Patterson
2 years ago

And when so many of the winning jockeys were Black, since Jim Crow couldn’t beat them, they banned them from competing.

Bren Martin
2 years ago

See Oliver Lewis who was first winner!

2 years ago

Same story different day.

Afzal Sharif
2 years ago

Religious make people’s when u come in any religiou home u will join this all of your life if u will be come on other religiou ?