Ruby Doesn’t Live Here Anymore…

Believe what I tell you-

I saw her leave.

You would not have even recognized her…


Her face was alight with anticipation

Her jaw set with determination

Her eyes filled with fascination

Her ears only hearing the exhortations

Her heart filled with jubilation


Yes…I saw her leave this place,

She didn’t take one thing.

She was sitting right over there…

…and then she looked up as though Someone had called her name.

She quickly kissed the tops of her children’s heads-trusting she had described the Path well for when they were ready to find it…

She looked neither right nor left

She walked straight to that door right there and then right out of it!

She did not belong here; it was never really a good fit-her and the world.

I did hear her laughing, though. She laughed like sunshine and moons and stars and wild flowers had finally filled her up!

It was a lovely thing to see…her finally leaving for that Place.

Ruby doesn’t live here anymore.


© 2016 Ruby TruthSeeker. All Rights Reserved.

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